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Waiting for more time to improve some of the thoughts after pondering them for long time and the thoughts outcomes can be philosophically


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A tool to find a Minimal Cover of Functional Dependencies in a DBMS was developed in a database course long ago by me.


Articles about Functional Dependencie & Minimal Cover

Functional Dependencies and Finding a Minimal Cover by Robert Soul´e
Chapter 11 Functional Dependencies by ADRIENNE WATT
Canonical Cover of Functional Dependencies in DBMS by Anannya Uberoi & improved by Sankalp Pahade.

One of the awkward things happened to me during job interview. Long ago I had an interview for a developer position and the position was limited to the citizens who has secuirty clearance. However, after answering all the technical questions, I was asked to develop an app for employee phone directory and according to the offering job entity it should take about 20-30 minutes. I opened my laptop and start developing, when it was the time of compiling my IDE Visual Studio crashed and it took me two days to fix Visual Studio (32bit - 64-bit, hardware and OS version "DLL Files Problem" problem. In addition, it was Visual Studio Community not the supported one :) ). I sent the app two or three days later to the employer but I did not heared from the interviewee again nor received and offer. The app can be downloaded from the link below.

Phone Directory for Employee

In 2012-2013 I tried this mobile app as a project for my Distributed Unix Operating System, it uses REST web services as an API The App I do not know why the web service url is stored in the code as "&ht=t&ht=i&" + "ht=cp&ht=fl&ht=h&api_key=YOUR_API_KEY" in another version I have in an old computer YOUR_API_KEY is replaced by a number. I remember that my project was not functioning on the submission day, I got B while all my classmates got A and A+. The problem in my code was when I past the web service url or link and compile it gives me URI error. I searched the JAVA reference manual, documentation, web sources and it did not solve the problem, I did not develop a mobile app since that date. In Nov 2017 and in 2018, I was asked to develop App by many, and I do not know why the request was mobile Apps. By the way, it is the same source code of the project in the book Android 6 for Programmers, 3/e. I used it as a start point but it did not work out for me. Additionally, I was the only student who study this course in a section that has only one student (ME) and the section costs approximately 50,000 SAR (less than $15,000). I attended the section with a group of students who taking the course by network (distance learning) but they were full time regular students in another location for free.

StartUp problems, telecommunication companies so greedy Telecommunication


Money leakage with Taxing link

Enhance search by hashing the content not the file link

Enhance the TCP/IP protocol with reliable communication and session. link

Navigation Systems improvement. link

Video content protection enhancement . link

An equation that calculate a fair ride sharing cost. link

A variation of premises renting Apps. link

Digital ID. link

Paying the bill at restaurants. link

The Robot Postman[post-machine]. link