By adding parking information to the navigation systems; the life of drivers will be more organized. For example, a company that provide the parking information from municipalities similar to MapData which provides map data to many navigation applications including but not limited to streets names, the speed limit, the geolocation, business,…etc.


Adding the parking information such as the cost, the parking allowed hours such as the maximum time for parking is two hours, parking is allowed from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday. The availability of parking in real time system.


This will give the consumer the option of selecting between going to the needed place by car or public transportation.


Main Street Routing [To remember the directions between the places in new city]


The navigation systems use shortest path algorithm or fastest route algorithm (depending on the traffic) between two points. The new suggestion is:


In this algorithm we should use the minimum number of intersections to reach to the main street or the freeway (highway, motorway). Then using the shortest path algorithm with the minimum number of intersections to reach the freeway(highway, motorway) that near the destination. Then use the minimum number of intersections to reach the destination.

Mohammad Alkahtani