Volume 1 Issue 1:

All the papers in this issue are white papers.

Artcile 1: The circle

doi: 10.36757/MATH-1-1-001

This article summarize ways of remembering the circle formulas.

Artcile 2: Functions, representation, and the use in Transmission Line (Arabic).

doi: 10.36757/MATH-1-1-002

Show the use of mathematical functions in sounds, images, videos. How to expand a series, changing from sinusoidal function to power functions. The use of these functions when transmitting data. Challenging the idea that nerve cells are noiseless and lossless transmission medium by showing that brain signals can be received by an eternal devices not in the system and this indicates that there is an emission of the signal that suppose to be inside the system without noise or loss to the outside.

Artcile 3: Derivative of sin and cos

doi: 10.36757/MATH-1-1-003

Make it easy to remember the sign of sin and cos derivatives.