There are many Apps allow you to rent and use owners’ property [Property is either: l. Real or immovable; or, 2. Personal or movable. (Enacted 1872.) LEGISLATURE, CALIFORNIA. CALIFORNIA CIVIL CODE 2018-19 EDITION . Kindle Edition.]) such as Airbnb, Turo, ZipCar, car2go.

This idea came to my mind after passing by COCINA a restaurant available for filming [680 South La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036] and in case you are a handy person who needs a garage to fix the break pads or change the tires; you might need to rent a place for few hours and save the cost of the maintenance.

Developing an App that make the owners of properties, tools, cars,...etc. List the available things that they have for rent and the rent duration available because some people might rent for short duration of time, long duration of time, or required minimum lease time, deposit in case of return the item with some faults, breaks, tears and wears, damages.

Mohammad Alkahtani