Science, Technology, and Engineering:

Volume 1 Issue 1

All the papers in this issue are white papers.

Some of the intellectual properties in these articles can be considered as public disclosure, and OSD license can be used.

It is similar to Hyperloop that was introduced by this person Elon Musk

Article 1: AC/DC Distrubation Board, the era of green energy and unstopable electricy to homes.

doi: 10.36757/STE-1-1-1-001

With the advance of green energy; many properties and houses installed solar panel for electricity generation either to reduce the cost of the electrical bills or to prevent the global warming or environmental protection reasons. It is supposed to be more convenient to connect this power source to all the appliances in the house or property, because the cost of connecting this power source to operate few appliances is not a desirable to households. Since these sources like solar panels, wind turbines, hydropower from water turbines,…etc. need batteries to store the energy when they used by end-users to provided energy when the source of alternate to the down state (cannot generate power). For example, when the sun set, or the winds and the water current calm.

Article 2: Operating Systems and improving its security, network communication upon startup.

Article 3: An evolutionary era of mobile communication